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ROKU GIN uses six botanicals unique to Japan and pursues the perfect balance of flavors with delicate craftsmanship.Andon (Japanese lanterns) are used to convey this world view.

Limited edition of only 20 pieces.


ROKU GIN。 その世界観をつたえるための行燈。20個のみのリミテッド・エディション。

Points that have been brushed up since the initial production in April of 2021.

・By using LED lights with dry cell batteries, you can easily place them anywhere.

・The brightness can be changed in two levels, and when the light is low, it can be used    every night for about six months without changing the batteries.

・By applying the graphic sheet from the back, the durability against scratches is increased.





Cherry blossom, cherry leaf, sencha, gyokuro, sansho, yuzu / 6 botanicals


The design motif is an andon (a Japanese lantern) that Toshiaki Akasaka, a joiner in Okunoto, used to make in his hometown.


photo.Yutaka Imai

In the past, the skills of the fusuma (sliding door) and shoji (sliding screen) craftsmen were indispensable to Japanese architecture.

However, with the westernization of architecture, their work has completely decreased.

He was making paper lanterns to somehow pass on the skills that remain in the community to children.




photo.Yutaka Imai

The material is "Noto Hiba".

Finished with unpainted bare metal, it has a deep and cool scent with a hint of freshness.



photo.Yutaka Imai

photo.Yutaka Imai

photo.Yutaka Imai

photo.Yutaka Imai

photo.Yutaka Imai

I wonder what kind of places it will be used in 2022.


Limited Edition / December 2021 / 20 units produced

Art direction: Hiroyuki Koakutsu and Yujiro Shiihara, Landmark

Andon design and production management: Azusa Jin, SOLO

Produced by Toshiaki Akasaka

Photo: Yutaka Imai,Suzutama CF

リミテッド・エディション/ 2021年12月・生産数20個

アートディレクション:ランドマーク 小圷 弘之・椎原裕次郎

行燈デザイン・製作管理:SOLO 神 梓

製作:赤坂建具工芸 赤坂敏昭

撮影:Suzutama CF 今井豊

text. Azusa Jin


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