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Kindai University, Cardboard bench/近畿大学・ダンボールのベンチ

The bench was delivered to the entrance hall of the Faculty of Informatics, which opened in April 2022 as a new faculty of Kindai University.

The bench was jointly developed by Matsuda Paper Industries, a local favorite that has been making cardboard products for 64 years, and SOLO Co.,Ltd.


Reminiscent of the rocks in a Japanese garden, this bench is made of cardboard.


Depending on the angle from which you view it, you can enjoy various expressions.


The key to development is to work with a factory located as close to the university as possible. The product should be strong enough for practical use.


Students and visitors alike may be struck by the fresh impression of seeing the familiar "cardboard" transformed into a piece of furniture.


I believe that the daily exposure to local techniques and materials will stimulate their ideas as they learn here.

It was with this in mind that we planned and carried out our work.



This is a reception counter designed to match the bench. The material is MDF.


The compact cube-shaped stools are light and easy to carry.

As a result, they are used by moving them to any desired location.




Masayuki Takayama, Index Consulting Inc.

Planning, Development and Production Management:

Kazuto Matsuda, Tsutomu Deguchi and Yoshikazu Komizu, Matsuda Paper Industry Co.

SOLO Co.,Ltd. Shinji Okawara and Azusa Jin

Design: Shinji Okawara and Azusa Jin, SOLO Co.,Ltd.


Matsuda Paper Industry Co.

bufwood Co.

Shimayasu Han Kogei Seisakusho

Photography: Ohtake Yosuke

Text: Azusa Jin

ディレクション:株式会社インデックス コンサルティング 高山正行

企画開発・製作管理:マツダ紙工業株式会社 松田和人・出口拳・小水義一

          有限会社 SOLO 大河原慎史・神 梓

デザイン:有限会社 SOLO 大河原慎史・神 梓



テキスト:神 梓

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