Handrail 1st prototype/Home for wheelchair user and family to feel comfortable

A house for a friend and her family to live comfortably with an intractable disease that reduces the range of motion of the body. Renovation of an apartment in Tokyo.


Architect Hiroyuki Taoka is planning the entire project.


Furniture, kitchen, and railings are by

SOLO Azusa Jin put together everyone's opinions and shaped them into a form.

This is the 1st prototype of the handrail. (Sorry for the mess, we made it in a hurry...!)

My friend is currently in a wheelchair outside. When indoors, she moves slowly while holding on to something.

Therefore, a handrail is indispensable. However, she says, "I don't want the whole house to be covered with handrails.

家具・キッチン・手すりは、SOLOの神 梓が皆の意見をまとめながら形にしている。

こちらは、手すりの1st 部分試作。(大慌てで作ったので雑でスミマセン...!)



Therefore, we decided to develop original railings and furniture to match the tone of the interior.

There were two key points.

The railing and furniture had to be easy to change locations when she started to use a wheelchair indoors as she got older.

To pursue the family's preference so that friends and family can relax comfortably.





What kind of paint color do you prefer?

We consulted Mr. Terayama of OSMO & Edel Corporation, which sells OSMO, a well-known oil and wax company.



We also consulted with another well-known WATCO dealer, Ms. Kiyomi Tsuboi of Hokusan Corporation.

もうひとつ有名なWATCOの販売店・北三株式会社 坪井 聖美さんにも相談した。

Then, I made color swatches in my office and sent them to my friend.


After receiving the sample, the friend's family and architect Taoka and his team imagined how it would look in the overall space.


Together with material samples of flooring and wall materials

while also considering the compatibility with the color of the handles used for the furniture.





Mounting height is OK as shown in the drawing.

Is it?


Is it an easy size to hold?


Is the distance from the wall just right? We verified one by one.


We also asked our friend and architect, Miru Rokkaku, who happened to have arranged to meet with us, for her opinion.


Huh...? I'm starting to feel like I'm designing my graduation.

Twenty-two years ago, when I was a student at Tsukuba University.

I rented a room with the two people in the photo here, and the three of us lived together in Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture.

Even back then, all three of us were struggling to create our own ideals while being anxious about the future... (continued)

あれ...? 卒業設計をしている気分になってきた。


Overall plan for apartment renovation: Hiroyuki Taoka, Hiroyuki Taoka Architects & Engineers, Inc.

Railings, furniture, and kitchen planning: SOLO Ltd., Azusa Jin

Photography: Takumi Ota, Hiroyuki Taoka, Yukiko Sato, Azusa Jin

Text : Azusa Jin

We thank Mr. Terayama of Osmo & Edel Corporation and Ms. Tsuboi of Hokusan Corporation for their cooperation.

マンション改装全体計画:田岡博之建築設計事務所 田岡博之

手すり・家具・キッチン計画:有限会社SOLO 神 梓

撮影:太田拓実・田岡博之・佐藤有紀子・神 梓

テキスト:神 梓

オスモ&エーデル株式会社 寺山さん、北三株式会社 坪井さん、ご協力をありがとうございました。